Aya Takano

Nov 28, 2012

Hong Kong

Painter, artist, creator of Mangas and author of science-fiction novels, Aya Takano, currently shows Heaven Is Inside Of You – an exhibition featuring his new series of paintings and drawings.

Takano belongs to the Kaikai Kiki artistic production studio created by Takashi Murakami in 2001. We find surprising and sundry references in her paintings : Italian Renaissance, animes, art from the world of Ukiyo-e (Hokusai for example), particularly that of Shunga and the erotic prints in her work. Slender child-women, often naked, inhabit her half fantastic, half real universe and more rarely, feminised masculine characters. These mutant-like figures with oversized eyes and elongated legs dally in amorous scenes and improbable encounters with mythical animals in lunar landscapes and urban settings. Her colours are always delicate and shaded, the surface and chromatic richness of her paintings at times recalling fresco techniques.

Most of the drawings depict the alter ego of the artist exploring different land- scapes in every continent (Africa, Asia, America…) dressed in traditional costumes. Also, The paintings lead you to an edenic state, to nature, as if the earthquake that struck Japan in March 2011 questioned ourselves on our way of living. “I have, since then, as if unearthing them from a time capsule, taken to learning the ancient movements of life that existed long before nuclear power, in the form of traditional martial arts, dance, and music. Unknown to me until now, and yet a part of what originally defined the Japanese people, I look forward to the feedback that these movements and knowledge will provide to my brain and the paintings that they will produce.“ Aya Takano

Galerie Perrotin

November 22nd – December 29th, 2012
50 Connaught Road, Central
Hong Kong