Barry McGee

Nov 29, 2012

New York City

Published on the occasion of the first major survey of Barry McGee’s work, the monumental volume Barry McGee records more than two decades of incredible fecundity, over the course of which McGee has pioneered a new iconography of sharp street vitality and graphic snap.

McGee began as a graffiti artist on the streets of San Francisco, working under such tags as Ray Fong, Twist and Twisto, and his work since then has hugely expanded the terms of both street art and contemporary art. His distinctive style, collaborative approach, and celebration of the energy of the street have profoundly influenced a generation of international artists. Barry would be the first to say that his contribution is not singular, that he was just one of many who broke out of the confines of art schools, galleries, and museums in the 1980s and 1990s to make the city itself a living space for art and activism. Yet his work has been unusually bold, generous, and effective. His images and themes have resonated globally. From the tragic loneliness of a social outcast to the transgressive idealism of a youthful tagger, the characters in McGee’s art can be found anywhere. Similarly, the two emotional poles of his work—compassion and vivacity—are universal. Barry’s art cogently and beautifully cuts to this core of human experience.

The D.A.P. Catalog & Artbook

Barry McGee

ISBN: 9781935202851