Carsten Nicolai

Sep 7, 2015


The musician and plastician artist Carsten Nicolai is on view at the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz with his exhibition ‘Unitape’. In order to celebrate his 50th anniversary, Nicolai designed a show especially for the museum of his hometown, Chemnitz. The inspiration for this exhibition comes from the city of Chemnitz and its textile industry. In 1830, the mechanical loom for the pattern production using automated control by punched card was introduced in the Chemnitz area. A textile revolution in Europe had begun. Therefore, Nicolai addresses the industrial history and communication process in Chemnitz and in the whole Europe through ‘Unitape’.

‚Unitape’ is taking possession of the full top-lit west room of the museum. It measures 25 meters length and is projected on a four meters high wall. Linking the visual to the audio is Nicolai’s most significant feature and is meaningfully interpreted through this installation. The core element is, as in Stuart Hall communication theory, the encoding and decoding process of information. Traveling in between visual and audio impression, this information is experienced through different medium in which the graphic cards of Unitape wander. ​

Carsten Nicolai_Porträt_Foto Sebastian Mayer
Carsten Nicolai, 2008, Photo: Sebastian Mayer

Carsten Nicolai_unitape_2015_Foto KuC
Carsten Nicolai, unitape, 2015,real-time projection, large-scale screen, mirror walls, bench with loudspeakers
dimensions variable, Exhibition View, Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Photo: Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz

Carsten Nicolai

Kunstammlungen Chemnitz

September 06 – November 01, 2015

Theaterplatz 1
09111 Chemnitz