Conor Harrington

Feb 2, 2013


A Whole Lot of Trouble for a Little Bit of Win features Conor Harrington’s coveted ‘Morning Glory’ miniatures. The Irish artist paints the studies daily upon arriving at his studio to catalyze the creative process. Their content veers from details within, and examinations of, forthcoming paintings to abstract, ethereal portraits featuring the pantheon of characters featuring in his latest geo-political ballad.

Where Conor’s smash-hit 2012 exhibition Dead Meat concerned the decadent collapse of the European haut bourgeoisie, his latest paintings refer specifically to the rise of new superpowers.

A tragic, funereal aspect hangs over action-packed tableaux that picture not only the conquest of West by East, but also our shock at the bombshell that the future will not involve the worldwide acceptance of our society’s values. The Chinese flag is used as a powerful motif.

Again, Conor employs the clothes and culture of Europe’s Regency period – in the title painting two men are seen duelling with rapiers – to mirror the pomp, hubris and state of flux of the contemporary era. His figures themselves though are very modern – multi-ethnic and stylish, their proud bodies and hedonistic ways conforming to the values of our commodified society.

Profound, effortlessly controversial, and visually stunning A Whole Lot of Trouble for a Little Bit of Win is proof that hard times produce the best art.

Conor Harrington

The Outsiders

February 1 – March 9, 2013
8 Greek Street
London W1D 4GG