Cy Twombly

Okt 16, 2015


For the opening of the Grosvenor Hill location in Mayfair, the third Gagosian Gallery in London, it is the iconic artist Cy Twombly who has been selected. With exclusive works from his ‘Bacchus’ series, large scale paintings and a sculpture, the new Gagosian Gallery honors of one of the most unique artists of his generation.

It is a tradition for the London-based gallery to inaugurate their opening with Cy Twombly works. The artist, commonly referred to as TW, has left a major imprint on the artistic scene with his unprecedented canvases and works on paper tinted with poetic quotes, greek references, doodles and a rare color palette. From his monochromatic canvases, one of which created the scandal in 2007 with the famous Kiss affair to his Blue Giotto realized in 2011 in the Galerie des Bronze of the Louvre, Cy Twombly’s work is recognizable at first sight. With a simple, yet sophisticated visual vocabulary, the American artist expresses a childish and profound world that inspired Roland Barthes who said: ‘To consider TW’s work with the eyes and the lips is therefore continuously to disappoint what it looks like.’ This perfectly summarizes what Cy Twombly is all about.

CY TWOMBLY, Untitled, 2006, Bronze, 44 × 24 × 14 inches (111.8 × 61 × 35.6 cm), Ed. of 6 © Cy Twombly Foundation

CY TWOMBLY, Bacchus, 2006–08, Acrylic on canvas, 128 3/4 × 162 3/8 inches (327 × 412.5 cm) Cy Twombly Foundation Collection © Cy Twombly Foundation

Gagosian Gallery

October 10 – December 12, 2015

20 Grosvenor Hill
London W1K 3QD