Aug 20, 2013

San Francisco

Australian-born artists and romantic couple, Dabs and Myla have worked as artistic partners for seven years, proving that you can combine love and work. Their colorful style is always playful by nature, with a cast of flippantly bright-eyed characters set within pleasantly chaotic cityscapes.

White Walls Project Space currently presents their common exhibition San Francisco is for Lovers. Dabs and Myla say: “With San Francisco is for Lovers, we are taking a slightly different approach than to other shows we have had in the past. For most of our exhibitions we like to concentrate
on a body of work and then try to build the most extensive installation we can around those paintings. This show is very different as it isn’t a show of new paintings…instead it will be 100% installation based. The whole room will be transformed into a new environment involving painting on the walls and the building of sculptural pieces and painted found objects. We’ve wanted to do a show like this for a long time. Working on the installation side of our shows is one of our favorite parts of what we do…but sometimes we find ourselves a little limited in how far we can take the installation because of the time spent on creating the paintings. Because this is going to be an installation and not a show we can really sink our teeth into pushing it as far as possible! Being that we are a couple and we work together we love to play with imagery based around relationships and love, playing on subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) images about sex. The whole room will be an overwhelming experience of love from top to bottom.”

Dabs and Myla

White Walls Project Space

August 17 – September 7, 2013
886 Geary Street (between Hyde and Larkin)
San Francisco, CA 94109