David Choe

Aug 17, 2013

Mexico City

SSNOWMAN MONKEY BBQ – David Choe’s first art exhibition in almost 4 years – presents a whole new series of oil paintings, drawings and watercolors. The name of the exhibition takes inspiration from the words that Chinese gamblers scream in casinos: SNOWMAN refers to 8 card (because of the shape) MONKEY refers to face cards and BBQ means the player is one card away from winning. David interprets these words as agents that snap mental states and emotions while overcoming the language barrier. He compares this feeling with an experience he had a few years ago during a ceremony with the Kogui Indians’ in Colombia, in which he experienced images, symbols and vibrant colors with no immediate significance. It was only after some time had passed that he grasped the full message. For David this was a life-changing experience that helped him develop a new sensory perception that reflects on a new vibrating color palette. SNOWMAN MONKEY BBQ provides a full range of raw emotions detached from ordinary mental process in a way that the spectator can integrate and appropriate them.

David Choe


Museo Universitario del Chopo

August 17 – October 27, 2013
Doctor Enrique González Martínez 10
Santa María La Ribera, Cuauhtémoc
06400 Mexico City, Federal District