Dan Colen

Mai 12, 2015

Los Angeles

To revel the opening of their Los Angeles gallery, Venus over Manhattan is showing a Dan Colen exhibition. The solo show is entitled Viscera and features three new bodies of work of the American artist – Canopics, Miracle and Psychics. Each series explores the numerous forms that metaphysical experience injects into objects and physics.

A shape is emerging from the ground; the fold is seen through the reflection the material produces in contact with the light. This piece is part of the Canopics series. Inspired from the roadside and the debris created by car accidents, the silver pieces that sink into the floor aim at an extraterrestrial appendage according to Colen’s sayings. With Miracle, the artist explores the painting field taking inspiration through the cartoon Fantasia’s cells. Leaving the animated character, only the shades and colors are left on the canvas creating cohesion and rejection. The last series, Psychics (Interstellar Medium) is a set of recorded psychic readings. This sound piece takes each and every listener apart signifying his uniqueness.



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Venus over Manhattan

May 2 – June 27, 2015

601 South Anderson Street
Los Angeles, CA 90023