David Tremlett

Nov 12, 2012

New York City

For years David Tremlett has infused his abstract drawings with a sense of lyricism. Descriptions such as flow, modulation and rhythm are easily applied to them. Equally important is a strong sense of structure and balance.

The drawings in his current exhibition New Work On Paper are no exception. He showcases several large untitled pastel works comprised of groups of drawings in grid-like formations. The geometric shapes do not reference specifics, however the latest series reflect the artist’s recent travels in Japan and Vietnam. The Japan drawings, in variations of red, blue & gray, consist of repeating vertical patterns. In contrast, the Vietnam drawings have a largely horizontal structure and are composed of variations of black and gray. The architectural quality of the shapes is multiplied by their groupings. The somber tones and horizontality of the Vietnam series give the sense of stoicism and dignity that the artist encountered from the people and, by extension, the landscape he found there. Tremlett found an energized environment, constantly building and moving upward. Taken together, they are two sides of a coin. As always though there is a feeling of vibrancy and light, qualities that seem inextricable from the pastels that form the bedrock of Tremlett’s output.

Gering & López Gallery

November 8th – December 22nd, 2012
730 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10019