Francesco Igory Deiana
‘Free Fall’

Okt 6, 2013

San Francisco

The Popular Workshop currently presents Free Fall, a solo exhibition by our former interviewee, Francesco Igory Deiana.

Enabling a wide assortment of artistic mediums; ball point pen, spray paint, and photographic prints to name a few, Francesco’s practice is just as likely to manifest as a drawing, a painting, or a sculpture, often confusing the distinction between these forms. Pulling from a unique variety of found images, Francesco seems to create an archive in which there is no hierarchy between contemporary events and historical facts. Deiana actively uses landscape, portraiture, and iconography in an effort to conjure the detached and unsettling feeling of our fractured contemporary world.

Francesco Igory Deiana

The Popular Workshop

September 27 – October 31, 2013
1173 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94109