Feb 16, 2013


Inner Vision in Between – FriendsWithYou’s first Australia solo show – is a reflection of a journey from one chapter to another. Sam and Tury jump into a vortex of the unknown, further highlighting the true mission of creation with the embodiment of the living amulet. Animism plays a large role, as FriendsWithYou continues to explore artifacts of the archetype; minimal, peaceful, stoic, and sometimes foreboding. FriendsWithYou’s works for this exhibition span the spiritual gamut from play to ritual.

Each piece represents a simple dialogue, taking place inside each person who engages it. In its simplified form the works act as a mirror for which the viewers place whatever emotions and feelings, allowing for an honest and pure interaction. The artists have created a series of new sculptures for this exhibition- a selection of images are highlighted below.



February 16 – March 30, 2013
45 Chippen St.
Chippendale NSW 2008