George Condo
‘Works on Paper’

Jun 9, 2015


Brussels-based gallery Xavier Hufkens currently shows ‘Works on Paper’ in their location at 6 rue St-Georges, St-Jorisstraat. The exhibition features works by American artist George Condo. As the title hints, there are works on paper on display – a quite unusual medium for Condo. But it is his new commitment after having explored painting and sculpture.

The correspondences with Picasso’s cubist period are inevitable when seeing ‘Works on Paper’. Condo mixes not only different points of view, but also emotional states that all convergence on the same work. Rage, insanity, hysteria, loneliness, violence are all assembled to form one of Condo’ specimen. He relies on American culture through the sexuality and nudity of his characters often imprints of Playboy magazines and that creates, as the artist says ‘a page in a novel’.


Xavier Hufkens

29 May – 11 July, 2015

Rue Saint-Georges 6
1050 Ixelles