Inside Out

Apr 28, 2012


At least since photographer Anton Corbijn is in charge of the advertising camapaigns of jeans brand G-Star, the Dutchman is back on the map: his distinctive black and white images decorate our inner cities. Being a filmmaker as well, Corbijn renownedly gives fascinating insights into singular personalities in moving images and steady portraits. Apart from striking photographs of true music legends such as Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith or Tom Waits, who have always fascinated Corbijn, the photographer has focussed in his recent work on modern personifications of artistic inspiration such as Marlene Dumas, Gilbert & George or Jeff Koons.

His 2007 movie “Control” depicts the life of Ian Curtis as a family man and a musician of the band “Joy Division.” As opposed to this, his latest movie “Inside Out” zeros in on himself.

Anton Corbijn