Katherine Bernhardt

Aug 17, 2015

Los Angeles

In order to announce the summer and the upcoming September exhibition with Katherine Bernhardt, Venus Over Los Angeles presents a wall entirely covered by the outspoken patterns of the artist. Entitled ‘FRUIT SALAD’ the mural is Bernhardt’s first urban realisation and takes place in downtown LA, an ideal environment for such a large-scale bold work.

Katherine Bernhardt composes simplified everyday elements. Every feature–a cigarette, a banana, a pelican–is broken down to their key elements of colour and form. To compose her fruit salad, the artist cuts down papaya, banana, watermelon, melon and, surprisingly, cigarettes. The last one is a recurrent design in Bernhardt’s oeuvre, notably already seen through her Nada show at the Loyal gallery. With a domination of purple and blue, her FRUIT SALAD exceeds the outline, trickle along the wall, giving a candid appearance to the ensemble as well as an insight into Bernhardt’s September show.


Capture d'écran 2015-08-17 16.54.22

Venus Over Los Angeles

July 25, 2015

601 South Anderson Street
Los Angeles, CA 90023