‚Art Dubai 2015′

Mrz 19, 2015


On the occasion of Art Dubai 2015, Los Angeles-based Honor Fraser Gallery presents new work by KAWS. Being black and white, it recalls the approach firstly seen during KAWS’ last show at the Honor Fraser Gallery in 2014.

With his new work, KAWS questions space and optical dimensions. At first, only some doodles seem to appear on the circular canvas. But with a second look, KAWS’ emblematic crossed eyes emerge; followed by the external line of two Snoopy overlapping each other. A reference to the Peanuts characters invented by Charles Schulz. The crosses are besides repeated several times on the black painting, alluding to the reproduction of the pop art process. The multiplication of the characters as well as KAWS’ signature- the crossed eyes- are a 2.0 perspective on the American icons and their evolution over the years. Indeed, from the 1950’ -born of the pop Art- to the present days, KAWS’ acrylic painting explores the new communication means of our century.

Untitled, 2015 Acrylic on canvas 96 inches in diameter (244 cm in diameter)

2013 Installation view at The Pennsylvania Acadedmy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA


Honor Fraser Gallery

Art Dubai

March 18 – March 21, 2015

Index Tower, Floor 19
PO Box 72645