Kelsey Brookes

Nov 10, 2012

La Jolla

Coming from a background in molecular biology, Brookes’ newest series of work has taken his knowledge of scientific drawings and expanded them into candy colored and monochrome paintings that explore molecular structure.

Currently on view in his exhibition Serotonin; happiness and spiritual states at Quint Gallery, Brookes’ scientific abstract pertaining to the artworks reads:

Summary: a survey study of the psychedelic visual landscape and an interpretation of the molecular world of neurotransmitters that generate and mediate both native consciousness and psychedelic experience.

Methods: these neurotransmitters are visualized through the effects they have on the human central nervous system (CNS). By bending the molecules own effects back onto themselves and rendering their structure by way of their effects on the human visual system. I provide a visual interpretation of both exogenous and endogenous molecular structural diagrams (or molecular line diagrams). Each was chosen for its particular effect on the serotonin pathway and it’s mediating effect on psychedelic experience. I replaced each atom with a single point that reverberates out into the field interacting with the other atoms in the molecule and resulting in a landscape of vibratory color. In addition these works are accompanied by a number of paintings that reference the peripheral experiences these molecules have on the CNS, especially visual perception.

“All together, it’s a lot like taking a bunch of hallucinogenic drugs and looking into an electron microscope, with out all the anxiety and mess”. – Kelsey Brookes

Kelsey Brookes


November 10th – December 29th, 2012
7547 Girard Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92037