Mark Jenkins

Sep 17, 2013


The figures of our former interviewee Mark Jenkins have enriched the streets of cities all around the world, shifting our sense of irony and humor while questioning the accepted realities, norms and conventions of their surroundings. As Jenkins once explained, “If the city was a body, my artworks were like herpes – the body attacks itself.”

Now, his figures affect the center of Cologne for the CityLeaks Festival. In July, Jenkins and his collaborator Sandra Fernandez were at the atelier of Ruttkowski;68 gallery to create site-specific sculptures that grace six locations:

_ Bismarckstraße 68 at Ruttkowski;68
_ Bismarckstr. 53
_ Moltkestraße 151
_ Brüsseler Platz 10
_ Benesisstraße 61
_ Schildergasse 72-74


CityLeaks Festival