‘And wait for something to happen’

Okt 4, 2013


From today on, our former interviewee Parra, shows his latest body of work in Cologne-based Ruttkowski;68 gallery. Parra, whose real name is Piet Janssen, is a Dutch artist whose works are distinguished by their study in contrasts. They are at once figurative and abstract, colorful and plain, as illustrated in his solo exhibition, And wait for something to happen. The works on show feature chubby females experiencing both the normal and abnormal in a metaphoric and literal sense.

Parra says he is inspired by “the everyday and the awkward,” whether it appears on the internet, in books, or in events he has observed. This allows him to address or even exaggerate issues using irony, humor and sexuality. Parra’s dry, witty and frank interpretation of glamor, pop culture and mass consumption has made him a darling of the art world.



October 4 – November 17, 2013
Bismarckstr. 68
50672 Cologne