Paul Jacobsen

Mrz 29, 2013


Paul Jacobsen presents the intersection of mass culture, sexuality, pornography, antiestablishment energies, murderous cults, and the tenets of modern and contemporary civilization, and offers them up for contemplation. These works are also beautiful, as Jacobsen packages his exploration of these concepts in works meant to draw the viewer in for the long read, with the idea that the images will offer more with repeated viewing.

The title of the exhibition, Orgone, is taken from controversial mid-century psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich’s term for his concept of a source of cosmic energy, stemming from human sexuality and the orgasm. The exhibition comprises a series of photoreal painted works and charcoal drawings, which investigate concepts of technology, society, and visual structures—such as focused beams of light and lens flares—which have the power, both historically and now, to transform and seduce their users, citizens, and viewers.

Paul Jacobsen

David B. Smith Gallery

March 28 – April 27, 2013
1543 A Wazee Street
Denver, CO 80202