Ryan Gander

Sep 29, 2015


´Fieldwork´ is Ryan Gander’s third exhibition with Lisson Gallery. The London-based artist Gander is a master of storytelling. He turns everyday objects into modern tales by breathing life into inanimate material. For ‚Fieldwork‘, he worked with helium balloons, a year long of skies paintings as well as his own telephone number. (WHAT did he do with the sky and his telephone number? I don’t get this. Maybe you can add a few explaining words. Thank you.)

Through his interventions on already existing objects, Gander transforms them into perfomative art pieces. The show is cored by the idea of frustrated knowledge and approach – a reference to the physically counteracted disabled body of the artist himself. With titles such as ´As if…´, ´Never enough´ or ´I be…´, the body of work conveys an overall dreamy and unreachable spirit incarnated by the ´the artist´s second phone´which nobody will ever answer.

Gander is making more than delivering visual art by urging a reflection to his viewers. Reflection is evoked by the share of personal items and knowledge contained in the works as well as by the titles themselves well mirrored by ´Preparation is everything (There will come a slowness and we should prepare for that also)´.

Ryan Gander, Fieldwork, 2015, Variable, 32 objects with plinths presented on a moving conveyor belt © Ryan Gander; Courtesy Lisson Gallery, London

Ryan Gander, Never Enough, 2015, Pebbles, Dimensions variable © Ryan Gander; Courtesy Lisson Gallery, London

Ryan Gander, The Artist’s Second Phone, 2015, Steel frame and painted wooden panels, 650 x 330 x 22 cm © Ryan Gander; Courtesy Lisson Gallery, London

Lisson Gallery

September 25 – October 31, 2015

27 & 52 Bell Street
London NW1 5BU