Station to Station

Jun 28, 2015


After ‘Station to Station‘ crossed North America by train in 2013, the project is now arriving at London’s Barbican centre. Staying there for 30 days and featuring 100 artists, the promise is that ‘No day will be the same’. Music, dance, design, culinary, graphic, sculptures, installations, all different forms of art are exhibited, from June 27 to July 26.

Initialized by multimedia artist Doug Aitken, ’Station to Station’ aims at offering the best of the current art scene to every one for free (only some special tickets can be purchased for the Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights). The visitors can therefore listen to an exclusive concert of the XX or perform in Aaron Koblin and Ben Trickleband laser installation entitled ‘Light Echoes’, attend to a ‘Spiritual Speed Date’ where a rabbi, a member of Hare Krishna or a Rastafarian are brought to talk together or watch the premiere of Ann Van den Broek ‘emotional minimalism’ new dance show. ’Station to Station suggests’ a wide arrange of activities awaking all senses.


Olaf Breuning’s ‘Smoke Performance’, Photo: Brian Doyle, courtesy of 303 Gallery, New York


Doug Aitken

June 27 – july 26, 2015

Silk St
London EC2Y 8DS