Stefan Marx

Nov 12, 2015


The Kunstverein Offenburg is currently presenting a Stefan Marx exhibition. The German artist excels in puns and humorous art that reflect his joyful character. This new show explores further his dedication to letters, their meaning, their smoothness and their representation.

‘Dreams Are Dead’, ‘I Trust You Will Tell Me If I Make A Fool Of Myself’, ‘Were You Drunk Or Not When You Said You Miss Me’. Here are some of the catching statements put forward by Marx’s pieces. On big scale canvas the white writings burst on the black background with firmness and playfulness. No border, format, or lines regulate the text that crosses the works in a perfect disorderliness.

100 A4 drawing, made aimlessly over journeys accompany the vast paintings. There are hundred of faces that discover universal diversity. From any age, gender or appearance, Marx’s portraits are united by their humorous stroke and accidental papers.





Stefan Marx

Kunstverein Offenburg

November 14 – December 20, 2015

Amand-Goegg-Str. 2
77654 Offenburg