Takashi Murakami

Mai 27, 2013

Hong Kong

After earning his Doctorate in Nihonga painting from Tokyo University of the Arts, Takashi Murakami developed a unique protean style which associated the most modern of techniques with the precision and virtuosity of traditional Japanese art and that of Ukiyo-e engraving in particular. Inspired by Manga and Kawaii culture, his irresistible world is peopled by monstrous and charming characters, facetious descendants of past myths. His theory of the Superflat aesthetic, which he introduced in 2000, attempts to blur the frontiers between popular art and grand art. The absence of perspective, the two-dimensionality of ancient Japanese art, filters in to every medium – paintings, sculptures, prints/silk-screens, wallpaper, animated films and accessories.

Since his first monographic exhibition outside Japan in 1995 at Galerie Perrotin, Murakami has become recognized as one of the most prominent contemporary artists of his time, and his work has been featured in numerous solo exhibi- tions at museums and art institutions throughout the world.

His current show at Galerie Perrotin shows a set of new paintings featuring his famous alter- ego Mr. Dob, and self-portraits of the artist surrounded by his emblematic characters including Kaikai and Kiki with epure backgrounds of skulls pattern.

Takashi Murakami

Galerie Perrotin

May 21 – July 6, 2013
17/F, 50 Connaught Road
Central, Hong Kong