Apr 25, 2013


XOOOOX states that there is a new direction of coordinated chaos in his current exhibition Vanish. While hanging his paintings, there isn’t a manifested upper or bottom image border in order to create a general dissemination. Following ubiquitous energies and infinite possibilities in life, XOOOOX does not want the viewer to be restricted to the panel itself, but rather direct the beholder to infinite possibilities of interpretation.

By using fading materials such as trouvé wood, rotted fabrics or rusty materials, XOOOOX combines ostensible glamorous themes with the severe reality of the streets. This accentuated contrast imparts its pieces with an acute tension. Professional styled fashion models are put on weathered materials by the means of delicate stencil work and evoking a sense of Arte Povera –the artist’s leitmotiv, which can be found throughout his oeuvre. In opposing glamour of the high fashion culture with existential issues such as vulnerability, and transience, the artist encourages the beholder to question the cult and seductive techniques of the haute couture. In addition to their alluring beauty, XOOOOX’s women convey a sense of melancholy and introversion, which is a reference to the growing frustration of the uniformed, consumer-driven hype of the fashion industry. Some of the works are sprayed onto shiny copper, which is in Alchemy also associated with the goddess of love and femininity. One could say that the use of copper and the depiction of the models are in competition due to their atheistic beauty. However, after time copper weathers and is in a constant process of atheistic change.


Circle Culture Gallery

April 5 – July 27, 2013
Bismarckstraße 98
20253 Hamburg