Yang Yongliang

Apr 20, 2013

Hong Kong

Yang Yongliang’s current exhibition comprises of works from two of the artist’s latest series – ‚Moonlight‘ and ‚Silent Valley‘, as well as the mesmerizing 9 minute video work ‚The Day of Perpetual Light.‘

Reknown for his mountains compositions that are reminiscent of Song Dynasty landscape „Shan Shui“ paintings, which upon closer inspection are in fact composed of a myriad of metropolitan buildings and cityscapes. As part of the post 80’s generation, the artist has first-hand experience of how technological advancements, urbanisation and modernisation have crept into the ways of life in this rapidly developing country. With his new series, which Yang Yongliang attributes to a strong connection with the music of his favorite composer Beethoven, the artist delves deeper into his questions about humanity and rapid technological development; the dilemma of progressive social development and cultural preservation. Are the people living in a more sophisticated or precarious world as a result of rapid technological advancement in China and is it actually worthwhile at the end?

Yang Yongliang


April 19 – May 31, 2013
21 – 31 Old Bailey Street,
Central, Hong Kong