Daniel Weissbach

Mrz 24, 2014

Daniel Weissbach was only 12 when he decided to become an artist. While his first exposure to the field was through graffiti, he has since expanded into other disciplines – from works on canvas to mixed-media pieces to video projects and installations.

Whatever medium he uses, the 37-year-old Berliner explores concepts of time, momentum and eternity. It is again apparent in his latest exhibition at Cologne’s Ruttkowski;68 gallery. In Stellen, Weissbach takes things that escape our everyday perception and makes them visible and significant. He creates semblances of tiled walls recalling metro stations that adhere to strict geometric principles even as they deconstruct them. This results in a trompe l’oeil effect that first reveals how little we are aware of reality then compels us to question our perceptions, along with our environment and ego.

We sat down with him and spoke about his early days.

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Release: 2014.