Selim Varol

Jan 25, 2014

Without doubt, every art collection is special. But Selim Varol’s has its own special charm. First, because he began building it up as a child, and second, because it’s one of the few collections that, next to art, is also dedicated to designer toys. Like art, designer toys can increase in value if they are made in limited editions. Varol doesn’t know how many toys and art toys he owns exactly, but one thing is certain – it’s too many to count. Not that the amount matters to him. Varol says it’s his relationship with the piece or the artist that is most important. “We have enough of banal everyday life where we lose energy,” he explains. “That’s why it’s so inspiring to collect and meet up with people who provide you with energy. Especially if these people don’t even notice it and do it deliberately.”

After Selim Varol exhibited a majority of his collection at Berlin-based me Collectors Room by Stiftung Olbricht in 2012, he showed it at CAC Málaga in spring 2013. We met Varol in the Andalusian provincial capital and talked about his childhood and why he will never grow too old for his toys.

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