Steve Powers

Mai 14, 2013

New York-based artist Steve Powers appears as unique as his works. He is wearing a turquoise rain jacket, red work trousers and sunglasses when he greets us at his Brooklyn studio-cum-shop, Icy Signs, his grey hair sporting a mad professor vibe. For those knowing Steve Powers, it won’t be much of a surprise that he sells letterings and signs with Icy Signs.

The 45-year-old artist started out as a graffiti writer dedicated to letters and style. Combining the first syllable of his first name and family name, Powers gave himself the alias ESPO, a signature that has made its mark all over the place. Since the late 1990s, Powers has been working on more traditional media, taking his illicit skills into the confines of the art world. He now devotes his time to classical art made of works elegantly adapted from his past, resulting in something Powers describes as “really fancy cave paintings.”

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