Talking about art coherently implicates speaking about artists. Two terms that are clearly defined,
widely used yet vague at the same time. As never before in history, our culture is marked by the visual.
In terms of myriad communication canals, images are spread all over the globe within seconds. Living
amidst this profusion, we yearn for a resolute sight that is determined by an own sense of taste.
Revealing a worthwhile cross section, Wertical turns the floor over to the peculiar: to
“Headful Creators” presenting their work and their thoughts by giving an insight into their life.
Each month, Wertical features two artists, namely “Headful Creators,” in an exclusive interview
and accompanying photos. Daily reports and a calendar present selected news rather events that
contribute to our broad visual culture.

Informing about news of our broad visual culture, Wertical gives an insight into daily
occurrences: exhibition openings, book releases, artist collaborations, events.

After one month on the display, each feature will be veiled. Neither the questions and answers,
nor the photos will be on show anymore. Still allowing a glimpse insight, the introduction text
remains. In the beginning of 2013, Wertical will be introduced into the offline world: with a
magazine containing all 24 features of one year.

Headful Creators.