Dadi Dreucol

Jan 3, 2016


Young Spanish artist Dadi Dreucol is currently on view at Gacma with ‘Hola, ¡QUIERO JUGAR!’ Active outside and inside, Dreucol interrogates todays’ lack of imagination, self reflection and brainwash process through his series.

His faceless long beards men give rhythm to Dreucol canvas and murals. His critics of new technologies is omnipresent through his oeuvre via Tweet-like texts and his ‘Selfie’ works. His installations feature real size humans whose face are covered with black fabric. Either standing still or furiously trying to escape to a relentless technological environment they all are an embodiment of Dreucol critics’ on politics and cultural behavior. He seeks to find back contemporary poetry that he sees in spray painters. ‘We should cheer and applaud every verse that hits our soul. We should applaud the ones who write their names on trains and are able to spread their message of ‘hello I want to play’ throughout the world. That’s poetry.’ This concept created by Dreucol 10 years ago celebrates through ‘Hola, ¡QUIERO JUGAR!’ its anniversary. And is charged with a will of change and change of view.

Silk-screen print, 50X70 cm, edition of 50, signed and numbered and hand finished

Installation view

December 11 – February 11, 2016

Dadi Dreucol


Santa Bárbara c/Fidias, 48-50
29004 Málaga