Miguel Paredes

Mai 4, 2013

Los Angeles

New York native and Miami resident Miguel Paredes is a prolific visual artist who continues to create amazing work inspired by his urban experience, whether it’s in New York City, South Beach, or Los Angeles. Miguel grew up with pop art – anime, Batman & Robin, and Warhol – and began painting trains in the late 1970s during the peak of New York City’s graffiti explosion. A master of many mediums, today Miguel brings them all out in one painting, creating very bright, friendly, and in your face artwork that speaks to new and old generations of collectors and art aficionados.

Molly’s Not A Hipster is a new series of mixed media paintings deeply connected to his time spent living in Los Angeles this last year. The music culture, Hollywood, and the younger artists inside his circle of influence helped create the ideas that informed this new art work. His paintings have strong compositions combining original characters and cool mature cartoon characters such as Rocky & Bullwinkle, while retaining his signature urban and very grungy detailed backgrounds. With an eye and sensibility towards visceral attraction and creating conversation, Miguel invites both the trained audience and recreational users to enjoy his artwork.

Miguel Paredes

Known Gallery

May 4 – May 18, 2013
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036