Nina Pandolfo

Jan 18, 2013


The Outsiders currently presents Brazilian artist Nina Pandolfo with her Spice Angels series of paintings, overflowing with lively patterned, vibrantly coloured canvases and sculptures.

Talking about her Spice Angels Pandolfo explains, “Each one of the girls is more mature and striking, with a strong personality of her own which differs from the others. It isnʼt the way it was when we were kids, we all wanted to dress the same way to create the feeling of belonging to the same tribe.” But for the artist, the age marked on an identity card is meaningless: “Mental age is more important. Girls adopt their own state of mind and are not chained down by time.”

The history of high fashion, Japanese trends and steampunk culture have all contributed to the style and invention of Pandolfoʼs girls, which don a variety of outfits from lacy burlesque corsets to sci-fi styles, alluding to both retro and futuristic fads. Pandolfo comments, “Fashion on the street is totally free and can be translated as a cry of freedom. I went wild on mixtures, the fusion of the imaginary with the real, romantic with the sensual, amongst many other combinations.”

Nina Pandolfo

The Outsiders

January 18 – February 24, 2013
77 Quayside
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3DE