Vikram Divecha

Aug 8, 2012


Man and the city share a curious alliance. They build and exhaust each other, depend on and deceive one another. When this relationship takes an abusive course it leaves behind many fissures, fractures and fragments. Cracked surfaces layered over the years by cyclic tire marks, and machinated patterns endured by individuals regularly traversing this course. The works/substrates presented in the exhibition Urban Epidermis: A journey of dilapidation are viewed as excerpts from an urban page, as well as pieces of anticipated evidence of the urban condition becoming the face of our human condition.

The process was developed over 7 months to create these surfaces using a number of industrial materials: cement fibre board, epoxy primer, aggregate, bitumen paint, sand, black sand, road marking paint, rubberized paint, reflective glass particles, scrap rubber, GP resin, glass fibre mat and waste engine oil.


June 21st – September 1st, 2012
179 Umm Suqeim Rd
6716 Dubai