Dan McCarthy

Sep 24, 2015

Los Angeles

For his new solo show with Venus over Los Angeles, the multi media artist Dan McCarthy presents an evolution of his facial ceramics sculptures. After a few years experimenting with facial expressions and human representations, McCarthy´s new series comes along in bright in colors.

The show is an investigation of the human condition and appearance. In a playful, intuitive and profund manner, McCarthy depicts the human face in a metaphoric and visual sense. With childish-like yet strong facial expressions, the clay figures display a wide arrange of human kind. All of them have a very personal and indicative name: Captain Catalina, Little Switzerland, See Weed or X-Ray Spex. They all appear as a reflection of human criteria, mimics and moods. Along with these sculptures, the surroundings and weather forecast of the artist habitat, California, is as well on view. Indeed, a series of painting tinted of thunder and clouds depicts the West Coast area. Each of the pieces is accompanied by a little sentence stating the emplacement of the work: Hawaii, Maui or Huntington Beach.

Dan McCarty, Installation view, 2015

Gum Drop, 2015, Low fire clay and glazes with Lascaux paint and gold luster, 23 1/2 x 19 1/4 inches

Venus Over Los Angeles

September 19 – November 01, 2015

601 South Anderson Street
Los Angeles, CA 90023