Henrik Vibskov

Feb 27, 2013


As you might know, our former interviewee, Henrik Vibskov, is a Danish fashion designer with an eclectic and colour-rich style. He graduated from Central St Martin’s School in 2001 and has already produced 20 collections since then. His particularly plastic approach to fashion soon led him into other fields of the arts, such as dance, theatre and even music.

Henrik Vibskov is a highly imaginative creator, dancing between the realms of poetry, graphic art, humour and fantasy. The title of the exhibition is a play on words between the latin motto “nec plus ultra”, meaning “nothing further beyond” and the word neck as an anatomical reference to the neck-like objects, making up parts of this exhibition. The word neck also makes up the name for the Henrik Vibskov A/W 2013 collection, The Stiff Neck Chamber (fashion show in Paris was on January 17th, 2013). With a poetic, playful and strange tone, he introduces us to what inspires and influences him and builds a personal atmosphere the visitor dives in. Among various colours and geometrical shapes and a refine work on textile, the artist mixes the use of visual, audio, and tactile senses together into one exhibition. You will go from a stiff neck chamber consisting of bird necks hanging down from the ceiling to a hypnotic walk through spinning tunnels. It provides a whole ultra-stimulating experience: going from one state to another.

Henrik Vibskov

Galerie des Galerie

February 27 – May 4, 2013
1st floor – Lafayette Coupole
40, bd Haussmann
75009 Paris