HuskMitNavn & Michael Swaney

Dez 28, 2013


HuskMitNavn, who is a Danish artist and Spain-based Canadian artist Michael Swaney are uniting their individual, yet contrasting styles in an exciting new collaboration, The hanging. The title refers both to the everyday act of hanging art on a wall and the once-common spectacle of publicly hanging a criminal for the entertainment of the masses. Witty and ironic, bold and colourful, their two styles and techniques meet on canvas.

Michael Swaney, who was born in Kimberley, British Columbia in 1978. His canvases can be described as playful, naïve, multi-coloured and vital. He cites his three biggest influences as: “dancehall, food, emma”.

HuskMitNavn, which translates as “Remember my name,” is an ironic nod to the fact that few know his real name. Born in 1975, he works and lives in Copenhagen. HuskMitNavn uses a variety of media, from street art to paintings to drawings to graphics, to provide a humorous commentary on everyday life and politics, and the absurdities that give him “food for thought.”

HuskMitNavn, A clean cut, 2013

Michael Swaney, Flamingsy, 2013

Installation view


Michael Swaney


December 6, 2013 – January 19, 2014
Bismarckstr. 68
50672 Cologne