Nov 23, 2012


KAWS is many things to many audiences. He is an artist, a collector, a designer, a brand, a celebrity, and an entrepreneur. These multiple identities, which are both autonomous and interdependent at the same time, point toward an interconnectedness in contemporary culture between real and virtual worlds, between the personal and the public – art, technology, life and the seamless relationship between and among them in the era of social media.

KAWS’s work is multilayered with art historical associations and allusions that betoken a practice motivated by recent art history, shaped by a keen understanding of how images function emotionally and intellectually, and driven by a passionate, almost existential relish for painting. His current exhibition, Imaginary Friends, expresses exactly this.


Galerie Perrotin

November 3rd – December 22nd, 2012
76 Rue de Turenne
75003 Paris